Leslie Blohm QC discusses land law cases for Oxford University Press

Leslie Blohm QC alongside seven other leading barristers in the UK took part in a series of videos for Oxford University Press discussing their involvement in seminal land law cases from recent years, ranging from Stack v Dowden, Davies v Davies and Bagum v Hafiz.

Leslie was interviewed by OUP in connection with his involvement with leading recent cases in land law, with reference to the Court of Appeal decision in Davies v Davies [2014] EWCA Civ 568 and other farming proprietary estoppel cases, with particular emphasis on the experience of acting in this type of case and the effect on the litigants. The interviews will be available as ‘Lawyers behind the cases’, a web-based element of Chris Bevan’s new textbook published in March this year.

To view the trailer:

The ‘Lawyers behind the cases’ videos provide valuable insights into the legal arguments that were pursued but also highlight the human side of the law, helping students to develop a full and nuanced understanding of the subject.

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