11. Fees

11.1 The fee for the Services shall in all cases comply with paragraph 405 of the Code and will be calculated as agreed between the Barrister (or his clerk on his behalf) and the Authorised Person, whether prospectively or retrospectively.

11.2 The Barrister may agree to provide the Services for a fixed fee or may agree to provide the Services on the basis of an agreed hourly rate or on such other basis as may from time to time be agreed. If an hourly rate is agreed:

11.2.1 the agreed hourly rate will be subject to reasonable periodic review by the Barrister, and in addition may be reviewed by the Barrister to reflect any reasonably significant changes in his status or seniority;

11.2.2 any variation of the agreed hourly rate and the date on which it shall take effect shall be agreed with the Authorised Person, and in default of agreement the Barrister shall be entitled to treat the Agreement as having been terminated by the Authorised Person, subject to the Barrister’s obligations under paragraph 610 of the Code.

11.3 If no fee or hourly rate is agreed, then the Barrister is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the Services having regard to all relevant circumstances.

11.4 The fee for the Barrister’s Services is exclusive of any applicable Value Added Tax (or any tax of a similar nature), which shall be added to the fee at the appropriate rate.

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