2. Application of these conditions

2.1 The Barrister provides the Services requested by the Authorised Person on the terms set out in these Conditions and subject to his professional obligations under the Code.

2.2 These Conditions (other than this clause 2.2) may be varied if, but only if, expressly agreed by the Parties in writing (including by exchange of emails).

2.3 By instructing the Barrister to provide further Services in relation to the Case, the Authorised Person accepts these Conditions in relation to those further Services, as well as in relation to the Services which the Barrister is initially instructed to provide.

2.4 These Conditions do not apply in the following circumstances:

2.4.1 the Barrister is paid directly (a) by the Legal Services Commission, through the Community Legal Service or the Criminal Defence Service or (b) by the Crown Prosecution Service; or

2.4.2 the Barrister has entered into a Conditional Fee Agreement in relation to the Case that does not specifically incorporate these Conditions.

2.5 Nothing in these Conditions nor any variation referred to in clause 2.2 shall operate so as to conflict with the Barrister’s duty under the Code or with the Authorised Person’s duty under the SRA Code.

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