3. The instructions to the barrister

 3.1 The Authorised Person must ensure the Instructions delivered to the Barrister are adequate to supply him with the information and documents reasonably required and in reasonably sufficient time for him to provide the Services requested.

3.2 The Authorised Person must respond promptly to any requests for further information or instructions made by the Barrister.

3.3 The Authorised Person must inform the Barrister immediately if there is reason to believe that any information or document provided to the Barrister is not true and accurate.

3.4 Where the Authorised Person requires the Barrister to perform all or any part of the Services urgently the Authorised Person must ensure that:

3.4.1 all relevant Instructions are clearly marked “Urgent”; and

3.4.2 at the time the Instructions are delivered the Barrister is informed in clear and unambiguous terms of the timescale within which the Services are required and the reason for the urgency.

3.5 The Authorised Person must inform the Barrister within a reasonable time if the Case is settled or otherwise concluded.

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