5. Confidential information and publicity

5.1 The Barrister will keep confidential all information provided to him in connection with the Case unless:

5.1.1 he is authorised by the Authorised Person or the Lay Client to disclose it;

5.1.2 the information is in or comes into the public domain without any breach of confidentiality on the part of the Barrister; or

5.1.3 he is required or permitted to disclose it by law, or by any regulatory or fiscal authorities, in which case, to the extent that he is permitted to do so, he will endeavour to give the Authorised Person and/or the Lay Client as much advance notice as possible and permitted of any such required disclosure.

5.2 The Barrister owes the same duty of confidentiality to other lay clients, and will therefore not disclose or make use of any information that might be given to him in confidence in relation to any other matter without the consent of his other lay client, even if it is material to providing the Services.

5.3 Unless the Authorised Person expressly informs the Barrister to the contrary in advance in writing, the Barrister may allow the Instructions to be reviewed by another barrister or by a pupil (including a vacation pupil or mini-pupil) in chambers, on terms that that other barrister or pupil complies with clause 5.1.

5.4 Subject to his obligation under clause 5.1, the Barrister may make and retain copies of the Instructions and any written material produced by him.

5.5 To the extent such information is already in the public domain, the Barrister may disclose in his marketing and similar materials, and to prospective clients and publishers of legal directories that he is or has been instructed by the Authorised Person and/or for the Lay Client and the nature of the Case. To the extent any such information is not already in the public domain, the Barrister may only refer to it for marketing purposes in a form which sufficiently preserves the Lay Client’s privilege and confidentiality and (where the law so requires) with the Lay Client’s consent.

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