8. Providing the services

8.1 The Barrister will exercise reasonable skill and care in providing the Services. The Barrister acknowledges the existence of a duty of care owed to the Lay Client at common law, subject to his professional obligations to the Court and under the Code.

8.2 The Barrister will provide the Services by such date as may be agreed between the parties, and in any event will do so within a reasonable time having regard to the nature of the Instructions and his other pre-existing professional obligations as referred to in paragraph 701 of the Code.

8.3 The Barrister may delegate the provision of any part of the Services but will remain responsible for the acts, omissions, defaults or negligence of any delegate as if they were the acts, omissions, defaults or negligence of the Barrister.

8.4 The Barrister will, in addition, provide all information reasonably required to enable the Lay Client and/or Authorised Person to assess what costs have been incurred and to obtain and enforce any order or agreement to pay costs against any third party.

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