Cases by Area of Law

John Rogers

Barrister: Emma Zeb
Area of Law: inquests
Summary: Emma is representing Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board at the 4-day inquest into the death of John Rogers. John Rogers was a 78 year old man who died at Glan Clwyd Hospital on 28 March 2015. Mr Rogers had suffered a cardiac arrest and the inquest is examining the actions of those who attempted to resuscitate him. This inquest has attracted national coverage, please visit:

Inquest into the death of Private Gavin Williams

Barrister: Tom Leeper
Area of Law: Inquests
Summary: Tom Leeper represented an Interested Party in the inquest into the death of Private Gavin Williams, which concluded on 8 January 2016. Private Williams was serving with 2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh when he died in July 2006 having been subjected to a physical punishment at Lucknow Barracks in Tidworth, Wiltshire. Three non-commissioned officers were acquitted of his manslaughter in 2008. The inquest sat for 26 days and heard evidence from over 100 witnesses, 61 of whom gave live evidence.  The coroner returned the following narrative conclusion: ‘Gavin died as a result of imposition of unofficial physical punishment in the form of marching drill and physical exercise conducted on a very hot day. This punishment was part of a system of such unofficial punishments operating in the Battalion which the chain of command had failed to identify or prevent. The exertion from the marching drill and the physical exercise, combined with the effects of Gavin’s recent use of ecstasy, led to the onset of hyperthermia. Gavin’s symptoms of hyperthermia included involuntary aggressive behaviour, as a result of which he was restrained. The effect of Gavin’s struggle against this restraint further contributed to the hyperthermia. Gavin was taken to Salisbury District Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 16.26 on 3 July 2006.’   

Ayaan Hussain

Barrister: Emma Zeb
Area of Law: Inquests
Summary: Emma Zeb represented the mother of Ayaan Hussain at the inquest into his death at Bristol Coroner’s Court on 23 October 2015. Ayaan was 23 months old when he passed away on 11 December 2014 at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. He had been suffering from a malignant brain tumour which was undiagnosed prior to his collapse on 10 December 2014.  The inquest focussed on whether appropriate care and assessment was made in respect of Ayaan’s deteriorating condition at the Bristol Children’s Hospital.  The Coroner (Maria Voisin) found that there was a missed opportunity to have diagnosed Ayaan’s tumour.  Emma was instructed by Paula Hill of Metcalfes.

Shaun Phillips

Barrister: Emma Zeb
Area of Law: Inquests
Summary: Emma was instructed for Bristol City Council in the case of Sean Phillips who died when he had a cycling accident at the harbourside near to the M-Shed.  Inquest was held in March 2014. More details can be found here.