Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Call 2003 (Lincolns Inn)
Qualifications Barrister, Accredited Adjudicator, Accredited Civil Mediator
Professional Memberships Personal Injury Bar Association, Technology and Construction Bar Association, Society of Construction Law, Adjudication Society, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Mediation Accredited Civil Mediator, panel member at specialist mediation provider M4C
Adjudication TECBAR accredited Adjudicator
Arbitration Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


Rebecca is regularly instructed to act in cases in which fraud is alleged.

In relation to road traffic accidents, her experience includes dealing with cases involving staged accidents, phantom passenger claims, low velocity impacts and exaggerated claims.

Rebecca also has experience of dealing with fraud allegations in employers’, occupiers’ and public liability cases.

Rebecca is a construction lawyer, a TECBAR adjudicator, and accredited civil Mediator and a panel member at specialist mediation provider M4C

In Adjudication Rebecca acts as both decision maker and party representative.  As Adjudicator Rebecca is on the TECBAR panel (in the “10 years call plus” senior list) and has also been appointed by party agreement.

Rebecca is regularly involved in payment disputes (including so called “smash and grab”) but also acts in cases involving all aspects of construction law and disputes – for example, contract interpretation, enforcement of adjudicators’ decisions, defects claims, damage to plant, subrogation and JCT insurance provisions and non fault decennial insurance.

Rebecca delivers presentations and seminars on construction related topics.  Topics in 2017 include mediation myth busting for M4C, a Construction Act update (including “smash and grab” and jurisdiction in adjudication) for the Adjudication Society and difficult questions in civil mediation at St John’s.


  • “Her advice is thoroughly researched and you can have confidence that she’s looked at things from multiple angles.” “A breath of fresh air. She has a gentle but highly authoritative style of presenting persuasive logical and legal arguments on complex construction issues.” Chambers UK, Construction (2018)
  • “Shrewd, industrious and precise.” Legal 500, Construction, planning and environment (2017)
  • “An in demand junior who frequently appears in construction adjudications and mediations. Rebecca demonstrates particularly notable ability in fraud-related cases. ‘She is good with clients and her submissions to the judge are very mature.’ ” Chambers UK, Construction (2017)
  • “Rebecca is shrewd, diligent and thorough.” Legal 500, Construction, planning and environment (2016)
  • ” ‘Rebecca is great to work with and incisive – she gets to the point quickly.’ ‘She’s a good advocate, level-headed and intelligent.’ ” Chambers UK, Construction (2016)
  • “Rebecca continues to impress instructing solicitors with her confident and conscientious handling of cases. She is attracting an increasing construction caseload in her own right. ‘She has a calm, controlled advocacy style and does not get flustered.’ ‘She has an ability to strip away the chaff and get to the nub of the issue, and to present it in a confident manner in the court.’ ” Chambers UK, Construction (2015)
  • “Rebecca is bright, thorough and a joy to work with.” Legal 500, Construction, Planning and Environment (2015)
  • “Rebecca is a good junior” Legal 500, Construction, Planning and Environment (2015)

Rebecca’s construction practice includes international arbitration.  She is currently engaged in an ICC arbitration concerning the construction of an oil pipeline.

Rebecca is a TECBAR adjudicator, an experienced barrister and accredited civil Mediator and a panel member at specialist mediation provider M4C

Mediation can be pretty much anything that the parties want.  In essence it is a consensual form of dispute resolution seeking agreed solutions acceptable to all parties without focusing upon legal or moral rights and wrongs.  It is quick, cheap, private, flexible, confidential and non judgemental.  Whatever precise process is adopted, Rebecca considers the following to be typical advantages to mediation over the litigation (or arbitration) process:

  • Cost effective: agreement can be reached in hours rather than months or years through litigation or arbitration, and the fee paid to a self employed mediator will often be less than you might think
  • Preservation of relationships: can result from consensual solutions rather than asking a third party to impose decisions
  • Equality: a sensitive mediation can ensure that the parties feel that they are negotiating  on an equal footing
  • Confidentiality: can be invaluable
  • The availability of innovative solutions: can allow disputes to be resolved imaginatively or in a manner not open to the Court or Arbitrator

Rebecca is happy to mediate any civil or commercial claim.

Rebecca perceives the following specific benefits of mediation in relation to her practice specialisms in Construction and Personal Injury:


Litigation, arbitration and adjudication in the construction industry can be complex, time consuming and expensive.  Frequently, in large commercial disputes, the parties have long-established relations, which have broken down, sometimes fighting in respect of one contract whilst continuing to work together on others.  In smaller disputes, often involving domestic building works, parties can find themselves at odds over sums which are important to them, but where the costs of formal dispute resolution would be disproportionately high and place the parties wider financial well being in jeopardy.  Whilst adjudication can seem to be a ‘quick fix’, jurisdiction issues and serial adjudications can often become unexpectedly costly.  Adjudication also results in a decision which only has temporary effect.  The cost of formal dispute resolution always seems to exceed early estimates.  In all of these circumstances, it can be in the parties best interests to restore the commercial relationship or resolve any dispute in a prompt, cost effective way.  Even where Court proceedings seem inevitable, the new Pre Action Protocol for Construction & Engineering claims now expressly permits the pre action meeting to be a mediation.

Personal Injury

The use of mediation is now growing in this area.  Parties to personal injury disputes have been slow adopters of mediation, having traditionally preferred round table / joint settlement meetings as a route to resolving disputes.  Parties to multi track disputes are however now receiving case management orders positively requiring them to consider mediation.  Where negotiations at a round table / joint settlement meeting have stalled mediation could still assist where a neutral third party, the mediator, may be able to unlock any perceived blockages to settlement.  An experienced practitioner may be able to assist parties at any level of dispute to reach a settlement quickly and cost effectively.  Mediation may be a way to resolve misunderstandings in cases where “fundamental dishonesty” is suspected, without the costs of proceeding to trial.

Rebecca is happy to be appointed as Mediator on a fixed fee basis.  If you think Rebecca could assist in mediating a dispute you are involved in or simply want to know more about mediation please feel free to contact Rebecca.

Rebecca is an experienced personal injury practitioner acting for both claimants and insurers.  She regularly advises and appears in relation to personal injury matters on the fast and multi-track in all aspects of personal injury. She is known for her attention to detail, practical approach and friendly manner, whilst being firm in cross examination.

Her wide experience of cases includes employers’, occupiers’ and public liability, road traffic accidents (including credit hire) and product liability.  Rebecca is regularly instructed to act in cases in which fraud is alleged.  She is also one of a small number of preferred Counsel for local authorities.

Rebecca’s particular interests include claims involving children and dental injuries.

Rebecca regularly attends trials, case management conferences, interim applications and assessment of damages hearings.

Rebecca has developed a strong paperwork practice, regularly preparing advices and pleadings in all aspects of personal injury litigation. She is happy to undertake appropriate cases on a CFA basis.

Practice Overview

Rebecca is an experienced civil practitioner specialising in construction and personal injury. She is a member of PIBA, ACIArb, a TECBAR adjudicator and an accredited Civil Mediator.