Public Access

Did you know through ‘Public Access’ you can instruct barristers direct to assist you with your legal problems?

St John’s Chambers is the premier barristers’ set in the South West providing specialist legal advice and representation for businesses and individuals.

We have over 80 barristers, including seven Queens Counsel, and can provide you with legal advice, draft legal documents, and specialist representation and advocacy in Courts and other Tribunals.

We can accept instructions two ways  ‘Public Access’ and ‘Licensed Access’.

Public Access

The ‘Public Access Scheme’ allows individuals, business managers, CEOs and directors who are responsible for their company’s legal advice to directly instruct specialist barristers.

Our barristers will give you a fixed rate at an agreed hourly fee to help you manage your budget for cost effective legal advice.

Find out more information and answers to frequently asked questions, including whether or not your case might be suitable to be handled under public access on our Public Access FAQ page.

If you are interested in instructing one of our Public Access Barristers please complete our online Public Access Application Form.

Licensed Access

Licensed access is a licensing system whereby organisations or individuals who have expertise in particular areas of the law can apply to the Bar Council to be licensed to instruct barristers directly in those areas. The licence can cover advice or representation (or both) and permits licensees to instruct barristers either on their own affairs or on behalf of their clients.

St John’s Chambers are happy to accept instructions from licensed organisations and individuals in appropriate cases. This system allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective legal advice and representation. If you are interested in instructing us through this scheme please contact Derek Jenkins, Chief Executive.

For more information on becoming licensed under the scheme please visit the Bar Standards Board website.

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