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Costs Budgeting

Source: New Law Journal
Barrister: Charles Auld
Area of Law: Commercial and Chancery
Date: 25th March 2016
Summary: Charles Auld and academic pupil, Dr Kate Harrington have joined forces again to write an article which is published in the New Law Journal.  They examine costs budgeting in some detail, arguing that, whilst at first sight it looks an attractive solution, rather than reducing the overall costs faced by litigants, it can actually make a significant increase in those costs.  They conclude that Costs Budgeting is “effectively expensive informed guesswork that exerts no control on the overall costs of litigation”.



Court Clarifies Quistclose


Source: Lexis Nexis
Barrister: Jody Atkinson
Area of Law: Insolvency
Date: 1st, June 2012
Summary: In this article Jody Atkinson considers a recent case on Quistclose Trusts, the existence of which can be highly relevant in insolvency situations.

Download article: Court Clarifies Quistclose

Practice notes for Lexis Nexis

Source: Lexis Nexis
Barrister: Martha Maher
Area of Law: Insolvency
Date: 3rd, July 2005

Insolvency and the Enterprise Act 2002

Source: Jordans Publishing
Barrister: Martha Maher
Area of Law: Insolvency
Date: 24th, June 2005