Publications by Area of Law

Normal abnormality? Liability for straying horses under the Animals Act 1971

Source: JPIL
Barrister: Christopher Sharp QC
Area of Law: Personal Injury
Date: 1st, September 2003

The Manchester Conjoined Twins Case

Source: NLJ Vol 150 p.1460
Barrister: Christopher Sharp QC
Date: 1st, October 2000
Area of Law: Children
Summary:  A case note on the Court of Appeal decision in Re A addressing both Family Law aspects and consent to operative intervention.

Stead & Lavers Damage to buildings by tree roots


Source: Construction Law
Barrister: Richard Stead
Date: 1st, March 1999
Area of Law: Building, Construction and Engineering

Putting Children First

Source: New Zealand Law Journal
Barrister: Christopher Sharp QC
Area of Law: Children
Date: 1st, December 1998