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Financial remedy update June 2018

Barrister: Christopher Sharp QC
Area of Law: Family Finance, ToLATA and Inheritance
Source: FLBA’s Family Affairs: May 2018
Date: 12th June 2018
Summary:  The article continues Christopher’s regular reviews of the more important recent financial remedy cases, this one covering the period from February – May 2018.

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Losing out on the lost years

Source: New Law Journal 
David Regan
Area of Law: 
Personal Injury
Date: 11th May 2018
Summary: David Regan, has written an article for the New Law Journal titled ‘Losing out on the lost years’ in the 11 May 2018 issue. The article reviews the developing law on claims for earnings for lost years, and the likelihood that the Supreme Court would allow children to make such claims.  This would have a significant impact on all claims for children whose lives are shortened by negligence.

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Practical case note about shoulder dystocia in the case of G v NHS Commissioning Board

Barrister: Justin Valentine
Area of Law: Clinical Negligence
Date: May 2018
Summary: Justin has published a case note about the recent case of G v NHS Commissioning Board, focussing on (i) Erb’s palsy with potentially posterior shoulder dystocia and (ii) NHS resolution approach to settlement.

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Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice

Source: Bloomsbury Professional
Barrister: Lucy Reed
Area of Law: Children
Date: 26 April 2018
Summary: Lucy alongside an author team from The Transparency Project have written a book titled ‘Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice‘, printed by Bloomsbury Professional. The foreword is written by Sir Andrew McFarlane, the incoming President of the Family Division, and is essential reading for family law practitioners in private practice, local authorities and other public bodies, as well as media lawyers, journalists and social workers.

Transparency in the Family Courts Publicity and Privacy in Practice clarifies what transparency means in practice for professionals and families involved in the family courts, and provides guidance on privacy in family law cases and their reporting in the media. This new title provides full coverage of the implications of the 2014 Guidance on publication of judgments and much more.

“With the publication of this work, there will be no need to look elsewhere for an account of the law relating to transparency in family proceedings and this will rapidly become the ‘ go-to ’ book on the subject, not just because it is the only one but because of the comprehensive, clear and insightful nature of its coverage.”
Sir Andrew McFarlane

The team of authors include Julie Doughty, a Lecturer in Law in the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University, and Paul Magrath, a Barrister with the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

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  • Read the foreword Andrew McFarlane here.


Can a mirror will be changed?

Barrister: John Dickinson
Area of Law:  Wills, Trusts & Tax
Date: October 2017
Source: Trusts and Estates Law & Tax Journal
Summary: John Dickinson assesses whether a proprietary estoppel
solution can replace the need for a binding contract.

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