St John’s Chambers, feels that quality is more important than quantity. We understand that your mini-pupillage should give you the best possible experience of life in Chambers, and it is for that reason that we only offer one mini-pupillage per month. This has the advantage of offering candidates the time and attention required to make their mini-pupillage a truly worthwhile experience.

Barristers’ practices are highly varied and unpredictable, but typically a mini-pupil’s time with St John’s Chambers will include accompanying members of chambers to Court, attending conferences involving clients and/or solicitors, and reading and discussing paperwork. Mini-pupils will also have opportunity to ask questions about the profession and about pupillage at St John’s Chambers.

In order to apply for a mini-pupillage with us you must be in the second year of your degree course (law or non-law).


  • “Easily the most organised mini-pupillage I have undertaken. I was able to spend time with a number of barristers at all levels from pupils to Deputy Head of Chambers.”
  • “I’ve never encountered the level of organisation or attention to detail regarding mini-pupils at any other Chambers and it has really made St John’s stand out in my estimation.”
  • “The mini-pupillage targeted my particular interest in commercial and chancery law. The experience I gained will be an excellent basis for pupillage.”
  • “Unlike many minis I was asked to do actual work looking at papers and discussing opinions, which I really enjoyed.”
  • “This is the most well-organised mini I have done”.
  • “I would happily continue mini-pupillage at St John’s indefinitely!”
  • “The environment at St John’s is unique – it’s special actually – very comfortable and welcoming whilst maintaining a high standard/professional feel … I have never met barristers so approachable and down to earth.”
  • “Everybody took the time to explain cases to me, answer my questions and discuss their own paths to the bar.”
  • “It was the best mini-pupillage I’ve done …the week at St John’s showed me just how different chambers can be – the whole set-up of St John’s was much more modern than I’d come across before.”
  • “I have loved every minute of it …I cannot emphasise enough how friendly everyone is and how willing people are to help and advise. Thank you to everyone at St John’s Chambers.”
  • “A brilliant insight – everything I had hoped for and more.”
  • “The mini-pupillage significantly developed my understanding of the Bar and will inform my career choice.”
  • “The mini-pupillage was tailored to suit my needs, which was appreciated and almost unique to St John’s.”
  • “I have a firm intention of applying to St John’s for pupillage in the future.”

How do I apply?

Please send us a detailed curriculum vitae and a covering letter.

You must include the results of:

  • any postgraduate courses undertaken
  • all university examinations taken to date
  • AS and A levels exams (or equivalent)
  • GCSEs (or equivalent)

Without this information, your application will not be considered. If you cannot include the aformentioned results for any reason, please state the reason why on your application.

Applications are on a quarterly basis:

  • For a mini-pupillage between January – March, please apply by 30th September.
  • For a mini pupillage between April – June, please apply by 31st December.
  • For a mini pupillage between July – September, please apply by 31st March.
  • For a mini pupillage between October – December, please apply by 30th June.

Our mini-pupillages are not assessed.

We are unable to offer financial assistance to mini-pupils at this time.

Applications and any queries should be addressed to: Mini-Pupillage Secretary, St John’s Chambers, 101 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6PU or by e-mail to: with the subject line mini-pupillage.

(NB: applications submitted via e-mail should be sent in either Word or PDF format only).

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