“Skilled mediators are now able to achieve results satisfactory to both parties in many cases that are quite beyond the power of the lawyers and courts to achieve.”

Vice President of the Court of Appeal, Sir Henry Brooke (in the case of Dunnett v Railtrack [2002] EWCA Civ 302

Mediation is increasingly used as an alternative method of dispute resolution. St John’s Chambers offer highly skilled mediators, in any kind of dispute, to help parties reach an agreeable solution to their problem, however complex or apparently intractable, without the risk and cost of going to trial.

We are firm believers in the virtues of mediation. Statistically, over 80% of mediations result in a settlement. In the right kind of case, a mediation can actually provide a better result than could have been achieved at trial.

Our mediators act as an independent party in the dispute resolution process to facilitate open discussion and reach consensus between the parties, without the need to go to court with all the added expense and aggravation. The current litigation climate is strongly in favour of mediation, and courts can and do impose costs penalties on parties who refuse or fail to respond to an offer to mediate.

Mediators do not determine the outcome in a dispute (or make judgments) but instead encourage parties to understand the issues at stake, resolve their differences and manage any conflict in order to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. An agreement reached in mediation will normally be recorded in a binding settlement agreement, or if Court proceedings are already under way in a consent order.

We have a sizeable team of qualified mediators with a range of experience and seniority whose specialist knowledge spans all of chambers’ practice areas. As barristers, our team members bring with them the independence of the Bar combined with a user-friendly and efficient approach.

Our mediators charge a fixed fee for each mediation, whether it lasts for a whole or for a half day, and you will find that our rates are highly competitive.

Our mediators are happy to travel to you, or alternatively we are able to host mediations here at St John’s Chambers without any additional costs. We have excellent, modern and fully equipped, scalable conference facilities. Our main conference room can comfortably house up to 24 people. Video conferencing is available along with WiFi, and all necessary catering and refreshments can be provided.

Our clerks offer efficient administrative support to ensure that your mediation is handled smoothly and professionally from start to finish.


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