Family ADR

Offers a robust matrimonial finance practice and has also built up significant experience in private and public ADR proceedings. The set is also highly regarded for its forward-thinking approach to client service.”

Chambers UK  2017

Family Mediation, Arbitration and Private FDRs are effective ways of resolving disputes in a cost effective, flexible and less confrontational way. Our team enjoy a reputation for their ability, skill and experience to tactfully deal with parties involved in difficult disputes.

St John’s Chambers has a team of specialist mediators, all of whom have extensive experience in family law. Using their skill and knowledge, this team help disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution to their case, outside of or adjacent to the traditional Court route.

Instructed jointly by both parties, our mediators act as an independent third party to help identify and understand the issues of the case, then advise and guide the parties to try and reach a mutually agreeable solution.

We mediate in:

Family Arbitration is a new service offered under the ILFA Scheme (Institute of Family Law Arbitrators) wherein the Arbitrator guides parties to achieve the best possible solution to their dispute, either as an alternative to or alongside the traditional Court system. The scheme covers divorce, ToLATA claims and Inheritance Act disputes.

We also offer Private FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution) hearings and a number of our barristers are trained as evaluators. We can arrange Private FDRs in Chambers itself or at a location to suit the parties. FDRs can also be held as an alternative to, or at any stage of, Court proceedings. Read more here.

Members regularly conduct seminars in Chambers, at solicitors’ offices, or at other chosen venues throughout the UK. We maintain close ties with academics as well as organisations such as Resolution, and our members include several published authors, as well as writing for legal periodicals.

For further information please contact: Luke Hodgson, Practice Manager on 0117 923 4709 or email [email protected].

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