The Pension Advisory Group (PAG) promote informative video on how to reach a fair financial settlement

14th September 2021

Today, celebrates Pensions Awareness Day, and The Pension Advisory Group (PAG) have been working for a number of months with the University of Manchester, Law for Life/Advicenow, and animation company Cognitive Media, to create a 3 minute animation promoting the idea of taking pensions into account and where appropriate, sharing them, on divorce.  The project…

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Third party enforcement of contracts and class identification

9th May 2019

Background The first appellant and the deceased were business partners. Their wives were the second and third appellants. The deceased’s estate was the fourth appellant. The appellants invested in a property development scheme which failed. The scheme was structured in such a way that investors would place a deposit on a plot and in return…

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Company law note: Bringing applications under s.859F locally

7th May 2019

Those practising in company law, and potentially those practising in conveyancing, may have come across the issues which arise when for one reason or another a charge created by a company has not been registered with Companies House within 21 days of its creation. This brief note deals with the type of application which is…

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Fiduciary obligations and secret commissions

18th April 2019

Nick Pointon looks at the Court of Appeal’s decision in Medsted v Canaccord Genuity Wealth [2019] EWCA Civ 83 and its implications for the law concerning fiduciary obligations and secret commissions. In Medsted Associates Ltd v Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Ltd [2019] EWCA Civ 83 the Court of Appeal considered the scope of the fiduciary…

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