G v Z (2018)


Area of law:

Robert Mills

11 June 2018

Robert Mills represented the claimant at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The claimant was awarded the highest general damages award ever reported in a dental negligence case in the sum of £65,000.00. The total damages award was in excess of £160,000.00 which was also the highest ever reported in a dental claim. This was a claim for extensive restorative treatment arising out of a wide range of negligently performed dental treatment.

There were four elements to general damages:

  • The loss of nine otherwise healthy teeth.
  • 37 unnecessary items of dental treatment including crowns and root canal fillings.
  • Occlusal problems such that the Claimant had only three contact points in her mouth and was unable to eat hard foods.
  • Psychological injury in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder and specific phobia anxiety relating to dental
  • treatment.