Changes to the CPR come into effect today

6th April 2020

Written by Ben Handy 

On 17 February our Head of Personal Injury, Emma Zeb, wrote about the upcoming amendments to the form of statements of truth. Practitioners should also be aware of a couple of other important changes coming into effect from today (6th April 2020).

The Practice Direction to Part 32 is being amended to include the requirement that a witness statement should state “the process by which it has been prepared, for example, face-to-face, over the telephone, and/or through an interpreter”. It may be that existing templates/precedents can be updated to comply with this, but representatives will need to give careful thought to a form of words which accurately reflects the method (or more likely, the variety of methods) used by their firm to take instructions and prepare witness statements.

The Practice Direction to Part 22 is also being amended to require that statements of truth must be in the witness’ own language. That is compulsory, and further underlines the importance of ensuring that interpreters and translators are engaged at an early stage where necessary.