AA & 25 Ors (Children) [2019] EWFC 64

11th November 2019

Barrister: Harriet Dudbridge
Source: Family Law Week
Summary: Harriet summarises the judgment in the case of AA & 25 Ors (Children) [2019] EWFC 64, concerning the welfare and living arrangements for 25 children. The focus of this hearing was mainly on 3 female siblings, AA (15), and twins AB and AC (14). In essence the  allege that there was a paedophile ring centred on the home of the A girls’ grandparents AGF and AGM who systematically and over a number of years sexually abused AB and AC. The A girls are in foster care, but the other children have remained within their families. The guardians stressed the protective arrangements, ongoing for over 18 months, has had drastic consequences on the families. Read more here.

Harriet Dudbridge