Family Arbitration

Family Arbitration is a voluntary method of resolving disputes in a binding manner through the joint appointment of a private Judge (the Arbitrator).  St John’s Chambers offers IFLA qualified Arbitrators who can determine both finance and children cases.

Arbitration can take place at any stage in a dispute and can be used to determine either a discrete issue or to resolve the whole of the disputed matter.  It is a uniquely bespoke and flexible service.

Where appropriate, an Arbitrator can be asked to give a determination on the papers of the case, which can be of significant benefit to clients where an urgent decision is required.  Alternatively there can be a hearing, similar to a Court hearing, either with or without evidence depending on the nature of the case.  Hearings can take place remotely by way of a suitable online video platform or in person.  No charge is made for accommodation if the Arbitration takes place at St John’s Chambers.

Additional advantages to the parties are that there are flexible procedures tailored to meet the needs of the particular case, continuity of the Arbitrator (who you have chosen and who is the only person dealing with your matter), speed of outcome, and the opportunity to reduce the emotional harm to those involved (particularly within children proceedings).  This should all result in a quicker and less expensive outcome that is more acceptable to all parties than that might be obtained by going to Court.

We have recently welcomed retired Judge, Nick Marston as a qualified Arbitrator in children cases. Nick joins our new arbitration team alongside Zoë Saunders who is also a CIArb and IFLA qualified Arbitrator in children cases and financial matters.

For further information please contact: Luke Hodgson, Family Practice Manager on 0117 923 4709 or email [email protected].

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