St John’s Chambers operates an equal opportunities and non-discrimination diversity policy.

We are committed to ensuring that individuals or groups are not treated more or less favourably on the grounds of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political persuasion, age or disability whether they be existing or potential clients, employees, members, pupils or providers of services to chambers.

We abide by the guidelines of the Bar Standards Board’s Equality and Diversity Code for the Bar.

For further information regarding our Equal Opportunities policy please contact Patrick West or Zoe Saunders on 0117 923 4700.  Isabelle Mills is the Data Diversity Officer.

St John’s Chambers Diversity Data

Under the terms of the Bar Standards Board’s Equality and Diversity Provisions of the Code of Conduct, each set of barristers’ Chambers is required to collect diversity data from barristers and Chambers’ staff, and publish a summary of that data, which you can read by clicking here.

The data is a reflection of the responses received, and relates to the make-up of St John’s Chambers.

Contributions to the survey were entirely voluntary and not all members and staff took part in the exercise.

Not all members and staff consented to the use of their diversity data being published where the questions related to protected characteristics, and where there were fewer than 10 responses in each of those categories.