Christopher Jones was instructed by Harrison Clark Rickerbys to act for the defendants in a case involving the ownership of high-value pedigree dairy herd and equipment, a claim for an account of tuberculosis compensation payments (value c.£279k), a partnership dispute and the ownership and occupation of farm (value c.£1m) in Llandysul, Ceredigion.

Christopher persuaded the Court that the defendants had wound up their partnership with the claimants on the basis that the dairy herd were transferred to them in return for a payment. The defendants also claimed an account for tuberculosis compensation payments received for cattle destroyed worth several hundred thousand pounds.

The Court rejected the third part of the Hacks’ claim, for farming proprietary estoppel, based upon promises made to him by his uncle, Luigi, that he would succeed to the 200-acre family farm. Despite Luigi accepting under cross examination that he reassured Tony that the farm was to pass to him, the Court dismissed the argument. The Court also found that Tony had not suffered a detriment by working on the farm his entire life because he had been provided with a home and an income.

This case attracted national press coverage, see here.