BBC Radio 4 Law in Action – domestic abuse and family courts

12th November 2019

Lucy Reed

This week BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action programme is focussing on the topic of abusive parents, and asking ‘should parents with a history of domestic abuse be allowed to see their children? How can the family courts protect children from further abuse?’.

Lucy Reed, member of our Family & Divorce team, and Chair of The Transparency Project will feature on the programme, explaining the process that family courts adopt where allegations of domestic abuse are made. For more information about that process see The Transparency Project’s (free) guidance note here for parents about these issues: How do Family Courts deal with cases involving children where there might be domestic abuse?

Family law barrister, Sophie Smith Holland has also published a series of blog posts about cases where family courts have had to deal with domestic abuse allegations, read here.

The show also features Bob Grieg, Devonian founder of the OnlyDads website.

Listen to the episode here at 4pm on Tuesday 12th November 2019, repeating at 8pm on Thursday, 14th November or later on BBC Sounds app.