Head of Divorce & Financial Remedy Zoë Saunders has qualified as a Mediator in civil and family cases

11th August 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Head of our Divorce and Finanical Remedy team, Zoë Saunders, will now be able to provide mediation in civil and family cases.

Having practiced in family law Zoë is well aware of the toll that the stress and uncertainty of litigation can take on clients and how costs can escalate. As a mediator Zoë will draw on her experience of working as an advocate in numerous successful mediations and her observations of mediations in different contexts, include remote mediations by video, as well as her in-depth legal knowledge and practical experience of court proceedings to enable parties to reach mutually agreeable settlements. Zoë is known for her negotiation skills and her pragmatism and is well aware of the benefits of finding a client focussed solution which works.