Important information for clients

28th July 2020

To all clients of St John’s Chambers,

We are pleased to report that since the lockdown, the clerking teams and barristers have been working remotely. The clerking team are contactable between 8am and 6pm by phone, MS Teams or email.  There has been a marked increase in email traffic and we appreciate that this is due to many clients working remotely.  Our clerking teams will respond promptly, but please bear with us, and if your enquiry is urgent, direct dial or mobile numbers can be found here: contact page

We have continued to support and provide professional legal services from our office with a small number of critical support staff in attendance from 9am until 5pm. All staff are trained in social distancing measures on their return to the office, and we have installed protective screens for their own safety.  Due to Health & Safety procedures under Covid-19, Chambers is no longer accepting hard copies of files, and we ask that all papers and documents are sent electronically to the designated clerking team.  Papers for Counsel’s attention must also be emailed to the relevant clerking team for logging and acknowledgement of receipt.

Meetings in Person and hybrid hearings must be pre-booked to ensure that we have sufficient space and compliance with social distancing measures.  For personal safety, all attendees should bring their own refreshments.

Meetings / Hearings most conferences are now held by telephone, MS Teams, Zoom or Skype, and if you require assistance please contact the relevant clerk to organise: contact page

We are vigilant about the safety and cleanliness of Chambers, and with this in mind, we opened a second reception area, to ensure a safe environment from the front door through to the conference rooms.  This service will ensure we safely achieve social distancing between Solicitors and Clients at all times.

We have installed ‘anti-bac’ units, social distancing signs and have masks and gloves available at reception.  Each conference room has its own anti-bac gel and cleaning materials supplies, as well as a TV / screen with wifi and hardwired secure internet capability to support both Windows and Mac devices.

Payments  All payments to Chambers should be made electronically where possible. If you need to speak to a member of the fees team email [email protected] or call contact page.

In conjunction with the marketing team, our barristers have been working hard to keep you informed with up-to-date changes in legislation and news articles (See below).  To ensure that you receive the latest news, why not follow us on Twitter (@stjohnschambers) and LinkedIn (St. John’s Chambers).  In addition, you can also subscribe to our email service by contacting [email protected].

If you have any difficulties reaching anyone in chambers, or have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,


Derek Jenkins, CEO

DD 0117 923 4711
email: [email protected]

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