We are delighted to announce that the first edition of the Dictionary of Public Children Law (2024) co-written by Lucy Reed KC has been published this month. This book is a unique reference guide to the key concepts, cases and practice of public children law. The Dictionary of Public Children Law is the sister publication of the Dictionary of Private Children Law which has been co-authored by Zoë Saunders.

The Dictionary has a distinctive A–Z dictionary format, giving the reader a portable, potted summary of the most commonly confronted topics and issues in public children law, and providing ready access to the relevant case-law, statutory sources and points of practice.

Who would find this book useful?

  • Family law solicitors, barristers or legal executives covering public children matters
  • Family Court Judges
  • Experts, social workers and professionals involved in public law proceedings
  • Parties, Litigants in person and anyone who becomes involved in court proceedings.
  • Law students

Authors include: District Judge Francis Cassidy, HHJ Christopher Simmonds, Gill Honeyman and Andrew Pack

The pace of change in public law continues to be high and it is very good to know that a new edition of this work will be produced annually.”

The Honourable Mrs Justice Judd

To order a copy of the book, and to find out more information visit ClassLegal.com.

Lucy is the author of The Family Court without a Lawyer – A Handbook for litigants in person (Bath Publishing, 2022) and the award-winning ‘Pink Tape’ blog, and the Chair of The Transparency Project. Find out more about Lucy here.