The Pension Advisory Group launches informative video on how to reach a fair financial settlement

14th September 2021

Today, celebrates Pension Awareness day, and the Pension Advisory Group (PAG) have been working for a number of months with the University of Manchester, Law for Life/Advicenow, and animation company Cognitive Media, to create a 3 minute animation promoting the idea of taking pensions into account and where appropriate, sharing them, on divorce.  The project has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the University of Manchester.

Gerontology expert and Professor of Sociology, Debora Price, together with Dr Hayley James of UCD, have created this informative video, giving free and factual information on how to reach a fair financial settlement. The Survival Guide referred to in the video below can be found here.

The University of Manchester have also published a report which has been funded by the Pensions Policy Institute and the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Ageing.  This will give statistical data from the Wealth and Assets Survey relevant to the issues. This report can be accessed here.

Christopher Sharp QC of our Family & Divorce team is a member of the Pension Advisory Group (PAG).

Citation for video – Please credit:
University of Manchester, Cognitive Media, ESRC