Quintessentially Transparent?

12th February 2019

Barrister: Lucy Reed
Source: Transparency Project
Summary: In late January 2018 the President published his ’18th View from the President’s Chambers: the on-going process of reform – Financial Remedies Courts’ (see [2018] Fam Law 156). Hidden within is a potentially important transparency reform concerning financial remedy cases in the new specialist Family Remedies Court (FRC). In an intriguing announcement Sir James says:

‘The delivery of substantive justice will be improved by an improved programme of judicial training; by the reporting of judgments in small and medium cases by the judges of the FRC to promote transparency and consistency; and by ensuring that sufficient time is allowed for the preparation and conduct of final hearings. An increase in transparency will result in increased predictability of outcome, which in turn should lead to a higher rate of settlement or, for those cases that do not settle, a reduced rate of appeals.’

Lucy Reed