Western Circuit listing information for fast and multi track trials

28th May 2020

As you may be aware, the Designated Circuit Judges on the Western Circuit have drawn up a Protocol to apply to fast and multi track trials listed between 1 June and 1 October 2020. A copy is attached in case you have not as yet seen it. The idea is to try to get trials dealt with rather than adjourned off to another date. To this end, the courts need to know whether cases are still effective and if they are, can they be dealt with by remote hearing. Those cases for which the necessary information is provided to the court as promptly as possible are likely to receive priority listing.

To help to speed up the information gathering process at a time when the courts are so short staffed, St John’s Chambers has produced a simple questionnaire (example copy attached) which we will send out to you by email on every fast or multi track case listed for trial on the Western Circuit where you have instructed one of our barristers. By completing and returning this form to the courts you will be greatly assisting in the efforts being made to ensure hearings take place.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you need our help with any part of the process, and be assured that counsel will be more than happy to discuss any issues at all in relation to the application of this protocol.

Download Western Circuit protocol

Download Western Circuit protocol questionnaire