St John’s Chambers Real Estate team have created a compelling channel for property lawyers which will provide news, insights, and some personality to complex legal cases.

Our podcasts will convey thought leadership throughout our episodes as well as simplify and discuss implications of key cases in property law. We will also aim to save solicitors some time in summarising and explaining developments.

Episode 3: Boundary Disputes (CPD Accredited) 

In this podcast, Brittany Pearce and Daniel Soar of our Real Estate team will share their first hand experience on what does and doesn’t work in Court. They will also summarise and offer their insights into new developments as well as discuss implications of key cases in property law. In this episode Brittany and Dan will discuss litigation of boundary disputes including:

  • Cases they have worked on
  • What evidence should be obtained
  • How a judge will determine the boundary
  • Practical hint and tips

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