St John’s wills and trusts team provide a lively informative workshop on the recent Supreme Court decision in Ilott v Mitson

11th April 2017

Earlier this month Alex Troup, Jody Atkinson and Oliver Wooding, barristers of St John’s Chambers, offered an informal training event aptly named “Where does Ilott v Mitson leave claimants under the Inheritance Act now?” The seminar began with a short presentation discussing the latest facts of the case and judgment followed by the views of Jody and Oliver on issues of life interest trusts, claimants on benefits, and the meaning of maintenance. This led to an open discussion and workshop where practitioners debated the practical consequences of the decision.

Delegates described the event as “Very humorous and informative which encouraged discussion/questions” and “All speakers opened up and were happy to voice opinions which was very useful and far better than summarising recent case law”.

Read more: Alex Troup’s latest article on the recent Supreme Court decision in Ilott v Mitson (reported sub nom Ilott v. Blue Cross and others) [2017] UKSC 17; [2017] 2 WLR 979: Some thoughts on Ilott v Mitson