Spring series: contentious probate update From Legal Network Wales & London & St John’s Chambers

Date: 1 April 2021
Starts: 1:30 pm
Ends: 2:40 pm
Venue: Zoom
Cost: Free
CPD points: 1 each webinar

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Who should attend?

These seminars aim to bring practitioners up to speed with all the latest developments in this area of the law. The seminar will be of relevance to solicitors who are, or would like to be, involved in contentious probate work, but it would also be of interest to non-contentious lawyers, will writing firms and professional executors.

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Webinar 3 – Thursday 1st April

Guest speakers: 

Topics covered during this forum will include:

  • A round up of the key cases of 2020
  • Tax Deduction Certificates: When administering a trust or estate, income tax can often seem a bit of a sideshow to the main event of inheritance tax. But it is important to get it right – especially where your beneficiaries have charitable status, since income tax repayments are valuable to pursuing their good works. This talk considers when and how the R185 group of forms are used, and what information they must contain.
  • Common intention constructive trusts in light of Oberman v Collins 2020 EWHC 3533 Ch, Ralph v Ralph 2020 EWHC 3348 QB and O’Neill v Holland 2020 EWCA Civ 1583
  • Setting aside a trustee’s appointment for undue influence – MacKay v Wesley, 2020 EWHC 3400 Ch
  • Discussing Gosden & Anor v Halliwell Landau & Anor
  • Interpretation of wills – Knipe v British Racing Drivers’ Motor Sport Charity and Others, 2020 EWHC 3295 Ch
  • Forgery of wills and the burden of proof – Face v Cunningham 2020 EWHC 3119 Ch
  • Funeral and burial disputes: Matt will discuss the various issues which can arise concerning the body of a deceased including disputes over funerals, ashes and burials, who has the right to decide what happens to a body after death and possible legal remedies
  • Adult child cases and estrangement in light of Re H (deceased) SH v NH and another [2020] EWHC

Webinar 1:

Webinar 2:

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