St John’s Chambers offers a comprehensive mediation service as an alternative to contested proceedings for the resolution of employment law disputes. A number of members of chambers are trained mediators, including some with employment law expertise.

Disputes can be resolved through mediation at any stage with savings in costs, uncertainty and stress. Earlier mediation can mean more savings, and can assist in resolving issues before they escalate into a more entrenched conflict. Mediation also allows the parties to preserve confidentiality and avoid publicity if they wish to do so.

Our comfortable, modern offices provide the ideal neutral environment to reach acceptable solutions to an employment problem. The solution need not be, and often is not, an outcome that a judge might or could properly impose through a decision of the court. It can be a “win-win” solution.

Our mediators are independent and objective and this confidential, non judgmental process helps the parties to determine an outcome that is mutually acceptable. Mediators will ask questions to try and clarify the issues and build effective communication between the parties to help resolve the dispute. Mediation does not involve the mediator telling the participants the answer; rather the mediator assists the parties to find a mutually suitable solution.

When he was Vice President of the Court of Appeal, Sir Henry Brooke said (in the case of Dunnett v. Railtrack [2002] EWCA Civ 302 “Skilled mediators are now able to achieve results satisfactory to both parties in many cases that are quite beyond the power of the lawyers and courts to achieve.”

We can offer mediation on any workplace conflicts and our expertise includes:

  • Allegations of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Issues between managers and their team
  • Prolonged sickness absence
  • Employment status
  • Equal pay

We can offer a fixed rate or an agreed hourly fee to help you manage your budget.

For further information on our service, please contact Paul Bennett on 0117 923 4793 or email [email protected].

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